Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Something to put in your mind and chew on

I sometimes wonder what being free really means. I go to the store and it says "Buy one Get one Free" The thing is, I have to pay for one to get another free. Is it that way with human lives? Do we have to pay with one human life to get another free? What does a life cost? Can it be used like normal currency? The government pays with a few thousand soldiers, and they get one section of a war-stricken country "secured"
They throw a few thousand more civilians on the counter, and they kill one tyrant, and a whole war. Where is the deal in that? What "sale" are we waiting for to take place? For every soldier killed in action we get to secure more of a lost country? How long is that going to take? How many more soldiers is that going to take?
It's the same way all over. How many innocent families in Sudan need to be massacred before something is done to intervene. A few people have stepped up to the plate and are trying efforts to save lives.
Why don't we save soldiers lives and other lives all over the world and keep them safe so when we need them we have them.
Thanks for listening to this rant.