Monday, May 7, 2007


This poem came one night when I was attempting to write some stuff for school. The way art speaks to me is what I tried to convey within this poem.


Art of any form is the key.
The key to unlock a mind full of ideas,
a heart full of emotions,
and a soul full of memories.

Mozart tingles many ideas
And invigorates creation.
Instruments different in make
Come together to form a masterpiece.

Van Gogh unlocks a door to inner pain,
Or perhaps a world of wonder.
A world deep behind his eyes
Beyond his night sky.

Whitman draws forth memories,
The brilliant view of each detail of life
Words flowing in seemingly simple ways
That invoke complex ways of living.

Notes that float in the air
Paints that mix on the palette
And letters strung together like pearls
They are all keys
Keys to the doors of life.

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